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Know all about data and telephone cabling

11 April

Know all about data and telephone cabling


As we all know, a network cable is the simplest and cheapest piece of equipment in a network, it is arguably the most important too. Without good telephone and data cable connections between devices, your computer equipment, no matter how sophisticated or great, is useless. In this regard, the importance of data and telephone cabling in Houston becomes crucial as it can create a huge impact on your overall business. Here in this write-up, we will understand what data and telephone cabling mean, how it works, and some important tips for proper cabling of both.

What is voice and data cabling?

In simple terms, telephone and data cabling is the connection between your devices, such as PC, telephone, printer, or fax to the world of technology, allowing it to be used in your business. 

Telephone and data cabling in Houston is extensive and strategically important for all businesses. Honestly, there is more to it than just running cables.

Important tips for proper data and telephone cabling

In order to get a seamless network, here are some key tips that should be taken into consideration before getting on to work.

  • Planning

Many of us might not realize that improper cabling can have a huge impact on the network. Given the fact that technology is ever-evolving, it allows future-proofing of a particular business with premise wiring. There exists a spec for each cable. The higher the spec, the longer the cable will last, and the more things you can do with that cable.

It is advisable and wise to get the cabling done as soon as possible than pushing it further as it will help grow your business with the maximized lifespan of network cables.

  • Cheap stuff dies soon

Cutting costs on crucial things can result in poor output. Experts are of the same opinion, i.e., getting it done right from the start. A company that follows standards and requirements brings a good cabling solution.

  • Infra test

It is always good to have your voice and data cabling looked at periodically and tested to the spec of the cabling. Especially when moving, get the cabling looked at by a professional and tested again. Make sure the installers are well certified. 

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