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Content - Keeping Your Visitors Attention

20 April

Content - Keeping Your Visitors Attention

Research shows that, when web page visitors arrive at your website, they assess it in just a few seconds. If they don't see what they're looking for straight away, or the way to get it, it's likely that they'll click away to one of the millions of other websites available to them through the instant-results portal of a search engine. It is therefore very important that you present every aspect of your website in the most attractive and accessible way possible.

Your website's content is perhaps the most important deciding factor in whether or not visitors will hang around.

Your content should be relevant, concise and well-written (check scrupulously for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors).

Write in the "inverse pyramid" style: put the conclusion of your article at the top of each page, and then the most important supporting information, followed by more detail. That way, visitors are more likely to pick up the most important points of your content, and are likely to be grabbed by the main thrust of your writing.

  • Use eye-catching headings which capture the essence of the content of the page.
  • Have just one article, product description or feature per page.
  • Highlight important keywords in bold or italicised text.
  • Use bulleted lists and subheadings to break up the content of your page. 
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