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Text - Keeping Your Visitors Attention

20 April

Text - Keeping Your Visitors Attention

How you present your content is also extremely important. Ensure that your visitors will be able to enjoy your writing without being frustrated by the way in which it is displayed.

The text of your whole website should be in a readable font (sans-serif fonts look best on-screen) and a decent size. Your visitors should be able to resize it at will – comply with web standards.

All links should be easy to read and very visible. Use text of a good size, label each clearly with its destination, and make sure that it is obvious that they are links.

Don't use constructions like "click here for a definition of "link""; instead, apart from your navigational links, try to integrate links to external or internal pages within your text: "This paragraph is about links." Make sure, however, that it is obvious what sort of destination will result from clicking your links.

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