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Significance of Wireless Networking Solutions For Your Business

30 September

Significance of Wireless Networking Solutions For Your Business


Network connectivity transitioned from wire-based to wireless long ago and wireless networking solutions have been evolving ever since. Our mobile/cell phones are the most common devices that function on wireless technology when accessing the internet. The wireless WiFi connection is a perfect example of that.

Gone are the days when our computers (desktops and laptops) used to connect to the internet with hard-wired lines. It has been more than two decades since wireless networking solutions have formally taken the lead in providing connectivity in our homes and places of business.

Applications that work over Wireless Technology

Following are some of the widely prevalent applications that employ wireless networking solutions and bring efficiency to a business:

Wireless VoIP: VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the mechanism with which you can make voice calls via the internet.

Wireless Hotspots: There are certain areas in places of business that are designed as ‘hotspots’ where visitors can connect to the internet through wireless access points that allow safe but limited access to the internet.

WLAN: A Wireless Local Area Network or WLAN is simply a network of internet within the entire premises of a business or enterprise. It connects all the computers, mobile phones, and other infrastructure devices that work over network connections.

RFID Tags: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags use wireless networking solutions to track & locate assets, machinery, and even people (employees) in a workplace.

Benefits of Wireless Networking Solutions

Wireless networking solutions bring significant ease to your business by allowing better yet properly controlled & monitored access to device connectivity. It lets you know the real-time location and activities of various employees in your company.

RFID tracking makes it amazingly simple to do an inventory check-up without having to physically visit the location of every asset placed or incorporated in your company.

Devices can communicate with each other in a secured manner on the same parent network through well-defined access parameters thus, making the overall process delivery more efficient.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to go for the latest wireless networking solutions that are specifically calibrated for your business environment and ensure that your organization functions to its highest potential.

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