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E-mail Hosting Services Providers

Gone are the days when businesses used to hand-deliver even the smallest of documents to its partners and client. Today, businesses and their processes have gone online, thus making it mandatory for them to have an email account, which is then used to communicate with their employees, partners, clients, and prospective customers.

And with technological advancements, it is not tough to get an email account — the real work begins after. Getting a custom domain, maintaining these accounts, take care of their storage, sharing of files, getting bundled apps, and keeping these accounts safe from phishing and cyberattacks is quite some work. And for this, Solutions R Us, LLC is just what you need. 

With convenient and effective business email hosting services at a competitive price, our team will provide you great email storage as per your needs and a backup for all of it. We understand the importance and confidentiality of your business documents and Solutions R Us will ensure that all your data is secure and protected with effective in-built virus protection.

Our team values not just your time, but even your customers’ time. We understand that system downtime can hamper not just your business, but even your goodwill and relations with your customers, and hence we will make sure that we provide 100 percent system uptime so that you can carry out your day-to-day operations with ease. 

Our email are intuitive and are compatible with several operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, and you can use it on your computers, tablets and phones.