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Web Hosting Services

Every business these days maintains a website that carries important details about the company, its products and services, the team providing these services and how the company functions in general. It gives the customer a fair idea of how it can help them, and in turn, the customer knows what kind of work they can expect from the business.

For the website to be accessible over the internet, it needs to be hosted over the web and that is what Solutions R Us, LLC is here for. We bring to you web-hosting services, in which we will provide you space on the server so that your customers can see your website online. We provide these services for Windows as well as Linux and bring an array of customization options, to make your website work just the way you want it to.

We provide high quality hosting services that runs on the latest technology and comes with several features for your website, ensuring the best uptime. Customers can opt for shared web hosting —in which the website is put up on the server along with the website of other clients — or dedicated server hosting — in which the website is placed on their own server and they have complete control on it. 

We also provide virtual web hosting services under which more than one domain name can be hosted on the same computer, thus making it extremely cost effective. Our teams maintain the server well, so that the customer never has to stress about any kind of hardware issues.

Solutions R Us, LLC will make sure that the quality of services is the best at all levels and aims for your business to reap the maximum benefit from your website. We will provide all this at an affordable price and also bring you the best offers on renewal.